Creativity, Storytelling and Content Acquisition

I have nearly two decades of experience managing communications projects for nonprofits, large and small, from multinational organizations to storefront art studios. I excel at designing strategic, creative processes that align with organizational goals and stimulate fresh ideas and accountability among collaborators. My expertise includes:

  • content planning + acquisition
  • content strategy programs for organizational alignment
  • creativity incubators 
  • editorial frameworks for social media channels and websites
  • documentary-style videos
  • writing and researching 
  • personal development workshops using the creative process, for teens and grown-ups of all abilities 

Shifting the Lens, Transforming Our View 

In everything I do, I aim for a radical transformation in how we view ourselves as Americans, and how we relate to one another as co-habitants of a diverse, multi-ethnic society. I believe authentic storytelling can help shift the lens when it highlights the histories, struggles, gifts, and talents of real people and real communities. Well-told stories inspire deeper connection and empathy and cultivate the sentiments necessary to make real social change. Read more about me and my inner lens.

See samples of videos and digital stories I’ve created in support of non-profit missions.

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